Questions to Ask When Hiring an Electrical Contractor


Is the contractor licensed and/or are they Master Licensed?

Contractor licensing and insurance requirements are not necessary outside regulated municipalities. In fact, there is no requirement for licensing within New York State, except within the city of Syracuse. Companies sprout up daily claiming to be experienced. Ask for a license card to verify whether or not the company has a Master License.

Is the company reputable? How long have they been in business?

Check references and ask for a New York State business certificate.

Is the company insured?

Compensation insurance keeps you, the consumer, from being responsible for any lost wages or medical bills of technicians hurt while working on your job. Liability insurance covers you if your property is damaged. Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for companies to obtain liability insurance. Ask for an insurance certificate for liability, workers compensation, and auto.

What kind of guarantee is provided for proposed work?

Be sure to get a guarantee in writing.

Is the proposed work equivalent to what you requested and to other bids (apples to apples)?

Have the estimator explain the performance method and provide a typed proposal. Never accept a price verbally and always read the fine print.

Will the contractor be filing for a permit for the job?

Though some jobs do not require one, a permit serves as extra protection. Furthermore, an insurance company can refuse to pay a claim for damages caused from an electrical fire when the work was performed without a permit and by someone other than a licensed professional.

Is your goal to obtain the lowest price or are you concerned with quality and professionalism?

Electricity is dangerous and can be fatal when not installed properly by trained professionals. Put experience and expertise to work where you need them most with services from Palmer Electric, Inc.

Who will be doing the job and how much experience do the electricians have and will they have identification on their uniforms and vehicles so you know who they are when they come to your door?

This is very important to know since you are inviting total strangers into your home.
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